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Countdown to Libra Season ♎️

Tip the Scales Libra season is almost upon us! We check in with Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte for her monthly horoscopes—keep scrolling to read more about your sun or rising sign.  "Libra" Super Zodiac Necklace “When the sun enters Libra, we enter a season of balance and connection. Your social charms and graces activate, as you seek harmony between your inner and outer worlds.”- Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte Libra Libra season shines a spotlight on your personal growth—you’re luminous! Delight in the five senses to expand your self-expression, and play with mixed metals or new textures. "Libra" Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte   Scorpio sun or rising Enjoy this downtime! You’re not ready yet for the spotlight....

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It's Virgo Season!

Its Virgo Season!  Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte shares her astrological outlook and how to tap into the moment for YOUR sun or rising sign. 

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Dressing for Gemini Season

Astrologer and founder of The Cosmic Latte, Daniela Karpenos, gives us the lowdown on Gemini signs and how to make the most of the season.  Tell us about Gemini signs and what's in store for them this season. "Gemini is a mutable air sign, known for its flexible, dynamic, and free-spirited nature. If you have Gemini personal placements (sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Venus, or Mars), you feel this season's effects. You feel especially restless, and your natural curiosity piques. Try something new! If you're a Gemini rising, your confidence skyrockets this season. Schedule a haircut, update your wardrobe or wear Gemini-inspired mossy...

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#SequinSayings - MOM is WOW

  Reflect on how much you love her and give her a Stellina (at 30% off with code MDAY30) 🌟 'Cause MOM is pretty WOW, she deserves something beautifully meaningful!   Shop Stellina Necklaces & Cuff Bracelets Online-only, Discount code cannot be combined with other coupon codes. Promotion valid thru 05/15/17 11:59pm EST.

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Sequin Featured in the February Issue of Athleisure

  Sequin Jewelry featured prominently in the latest issue of Athleisure - a new magazine devoted to "fitspo" and style. Our stylist friend Kimmie Smith, AKA Accessory Expert selected a range of Star Maps and Color Karma jewelry for edits including the cover image of Emily Tyra, star of Flesh and Bone, on pointe and in more relaxed looks.    Click through to read the full issue.      

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