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#SequinSayings - Be a Daydream Believer

Be a Daydream Believer...
Featuring our new Daydream Charm Necklace, a curated selection of beautifully whimsical talismans that make us happy!
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#SequinSayings - Color is the Language of the Soul

If color is the language of the soul, we have SO much to say about the new Sky Watcher Collection, inspired by the ethereal yet saturated palette of artist Richard Diebenkorn.
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#SequinSayings - It Takes Strength to be Gentle...

It takes strength to be gentle... wear our Elephant Charm Necklace to remind you that kindness is the more difficult, but also more rewarding way!
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#SequinSayings - Beach, Please...

Beach, please.... Featuring a selection of our Sea Life Talismans, the perfect accessory for summers by the sea and keeping the amazing memories close to your heart.
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#SequinSayings - Be Like a Pineapple

Be like a 🍍- Stand Tall, Wear a Crown and be Sweet on the Inside!
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#SequinSayings - Don't Wait for It, Create It!

You can still make this the best summer ever... start visualizing and making it happen! Featuring our gorgeous Mahalo Earrings, the perfect summer accessory (wear NOW and in your dream vacay photos) - 22K gold dipped with freshwater pearls and silk tassels, designed & made by hand in our NYC studio.

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#SequinSayings - Make Your Orbit Meaningful

  Make your way through life (and the week!) knowing that you get to choose who is the center of your universe... Featuring the brand new Halo Earrings, part of our Orbital Collection - all handmade in our NYC studio, 22K gold-dipped with semi-precious accents.

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#SequinSayings - Aloha Summer!

Hey Summer, we're ready to dance with you all season in our new Hula Fringe Statement ears - limited edition and handmade in our NYC studio! 
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#SequinSayings - Summer is the Juiciest Slice of Life

Summer is the JUICIEST slice of life... counting down to the best times of the year!
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#SequinSayings - Be the Pop of Color...

Be the POP OF COLOR in a black & white world
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