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#SequinSayings - It Takes Strength to be Gentle...

It takes strength to be gentle... wear our Elephant Charm Necklace to remind you that kindness is the more difficult, but also more rewarding way!
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#SequinSayings - Life Doesn't Come with Instructions...

Life doesn't come with instructions... it comes with a MOM!
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#SequinSayings - Keep Calm...

Keep Calm & Carry On with Love...

Good Morning from London! Our twist on a classic, 'cause adding a little love can only make everything better, including Mondays!

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#SequinSayings - Love, Light & Joy!

Sending ALL the #positivevibes for the last week of holiday rush!
PS - a custom Talisman necklace is the perfectly meaningful last-minute gift!
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#SequinSayings - Trust Your Intuition...

Monday Talismans for extra #positivevibes going into this holiday week: be brave, be strong and go with the flow!
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#SequinSayings - Live a Charmed Life

  Live a Charmed life 💫💛🌙   Shop Talisman Chokers like the All Good Things 2 Necklace featured here!

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#SequinSayings - Fiesta All Summer Long

  Fiesta all summer long in our colorful new Frida Collection   Featuring the Rosita Statement Bracelet

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#SequinSayings - Make Every Day Magical

  Make every day magical ✨ Wear Talismans close to your heart for extra positive vibes - create your own custom necklace from your favorite, meaningfully beautiful charms!

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#SequinSayings - Vitamin SEA

  Time for a dose of vitamin SEA - warm weather, waves and sun are the best medicine for what ails you!   Create your own resort-themed Talisman necklace as the perfect accessory for your next getaway...

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#SequinSayings - Time for a Getaway

  It's about that time, isn't it?!?    Featuring our Lavender Semi-Precious Beaded Necklace and oversized Pineapple Charm, elements available exclusively through our Create Your Own program. Create Your Own Color Karma Necklace with resort-themed Talismans

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