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#SequinSayings - Don't Wait for It, Create It!

You can still make this the best summer ever... start visualizing and making it happen! Featuring our gorgeous Mahalo Earrings, the perfect summer accessory (wear NOW and in your dream vacay photos) - 22K gold dipped with freshwater pearls and silk tassels, designed & made by hand in our NYC studio.

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#SequinSayings - Aloha Summer!

Hey Summer, we're ready to dance with you all season in our new Hula Fringe Statement ears - limited edition and handmade in our NYC studio! 
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#SequinSayings - Create Your Own Sunshine

Clouds on the brain? Create your own sunshine...
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#SequinSayings - Be the Reason Someone Smiles...

Be the reason someone smiles today... added bonus: you'll smile too!
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#SequinSayings - Leave a Little Sparkle...

  A little mantra that helps on Monday Mornings (and really every day!) is to remember to leave a little Sparkle wherever you go ✨ Good things come from making others' days a little brighter!

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#SequinSayings - Let Your Heart Be a Dreamcatcher

  Keep your heart open, to welcome in all the dreams... ✨ Shop the Rosita Earrings - dreamcatchers for your ears! 

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#SequinSayings - Happy Girls are the Prettiest

  As per style icon and all-around inspiring human Audrey Hepburn, "Happy girls are the prettiest," so wear what makes you happy! ✨ Featuring Tassel Earrings from our Cote d'Azur Collection

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