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Warm getaway coming up soon? Take inspiration from our friends Kyleigh Adorno and Haylee Michalski who traveled around vibrant Thailand together this past fall. They share their top highlights below, as well as the jewels they packed for an unforgettable trip. 

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What were your favorite spots?

“There are so many great places to visit in Thailand! Each city is unique in its own ways. Bangkok is central and it has some of the best street food, shopping and a never-ending list of activities. Chiang Mai is less hustle and bustle, and a lot more quiet. You can visit elephant sanctuaries up north in the forests, take traditional cooking classes, or try Muay Thai boxing.” - Kyleigh

“I wish I could spend forever in Thailand! Bangkok had some of the coolest street vendors. The food was amazing, there were street markets on every corner and the temples were breathtaking. Phuket is on the list of must-see places—the food, the scenery, the islands, the people. I cannot say enough about it!” - Haylee 


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How did jewelry play a part in your vacation style? 

“One of my favorite ways to show personality and expression is through jewelry. Over the last two years I have started to collect my signature pieces that make me feel confident. For me, the more the merrier!” - Haylee

“I tend to wear a lot of workout sets and bikinis, so that’s when I start to really play with jewelry. My staples are wearing multiple rings and stacking my necklaces. Typically, I wear two or three necklaces or even wrap my longer ones to create chokers or bracelets.” - Kyleigh

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You both styled the Pearl Convertible Necklace so many ways! Tell us more. 

 “It helped me change up my look every day because it was like having three or four different necklaces! I’d wear my pearl necklace plain without any charms some days, then other days I’d clasp on different charms or even stack multiple charms at the same time. We only brought a backpack and a small carry on suitcase for 45 days, so we had to make sure we didn’t overpack accessories.” - Kyleigh 

“Let me tell you! One thing I hate about traveling is packing jewelry because I always tend to lose pieces or break them. The convertible necklace literally saved me on this trip. Just packing this one necklace gave me three to six different pieces…from ONE necklace. I had it double wrapped as a pearl set, clipped on the gems as a longer statement piece, and even wore it as a bracelet. I am the worst at overpacking so having a piece of jewelry with this many transitional options saved my jewelry dilemma.” - Haylee




What is it about traveling with friends that hits different?

“Finding friends with the same interests at this age can be difficult, but once you find them they become your forever friends. Traveling with someone will really test your friendship by showing how much you can love someone for appreciating the same things as you.” - Haylee 

“Traveling to new places around the world is memorable on its own, but traveling with a friend who appreciates different cultures, their ways of life, and is eager to learn just as much as myself is so special. It’s something I’ll cherish forever.” - Kyleigh

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