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Established in 2000, Sequin is proudly founded and led by women in New York City. Quality materials and authentic designs at accessible prices have positioned us as a leader in the fashion jewelry realm.


Our Creative Director, Tara Malkovich, draws inspiration from the quotidian to the extraordinary, exploring how found objects can be transformed into meaningful treasures. Starting with a hand-drawn sketch, she uses her artistic eye to translate the abstract into clay, embracing the organic imperfections that come with the medium. An ancient technique known as lost-wax casting is then employed to bring the designs to life in brass before dipping them in 22K gold for our signature plating.


Rooted in our universal connection to nature and the cosmos, Sequin is about recognizing the beauty surrounding all of us and channeling that energy to wearable objects. The collection consists of meaningful talismans featuring celestial motifs and mystical symbols, as well as classic chains, statement earrings, and layer-able beads—all pieces meant to be worn, cherished, and, above all, to express your personal story. 


Continuing the rich heritage of the American jewelry industry, Sequin is handmade in New York and Rhode Island. 

In addition to our website, Sequin jewelry can be purchased at our boutique in Naples, Florida

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