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Hello, Pisces season! What does the final sign of the zodiac hold? Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte breaks it down. As always, don’t forget to read both your sun and rising suns—and follow Daniela @thecosmiclatte_. 

“As the sun transitions into the ethereal realm of Pisces (Feb. 19Mar. 18), you will embark on a journey of emotional depth, creativity, and spiritual exploration. Pisces season invites you to surrender to the ebb and flow of life's currents, trusting in the power of intuition to guide you through the mysterious waters of the subconscious. A full moon in Virgo illuminates your path and grounds your emotions on February 24.”


The sun enters mystical Pisces, stirring your soul. Reclaim your inner artist. Your aura of compassion and confidence attracts recognition. Explore your whimsical side through your wardrobe choices.



Your emotional waters deepen: You’re extra introspective, private, and reflective now. As you explore your inner world, seek closure from the past. Lean on spiritual practices – such as yoga, meditation, or energy healing – to channel inner wisdom. 



Pisces season powers your social interactions with whimsy, nostalgia, and emotional depth. Your friendships take center stage! You’re stirred to spark new bonds and deepen existing connections. Tune into your feelings. This is a favorable time for heart-to-heart conversations.



Your work gets charged with emotion and depth right now. If you’ve been in a creative rut, inspiration strikes! Your hard work comes to fruition. Enjoy the momentary warmth of the spotlight. Wear shades of blue to embody the water element.



Pisces season broadens your emotional horizons. This could manifest through seeking new experiences, exploring different cultures, or delving into philosophical pursuits. Contemplate the curious ups and downs of human existence. 



As the sun enters mystical Pisces, it deepens intimate bonds. Although you’re fiercely independent, you seek emotional closeness. Your healing journey is in the spotlight.



This season, your close relationships are infused with whimsy and emotion. You crave a surreal love that transcends boundaries – forgetting where you end and the other person begins. Wear your heart on your sleeve!



Pisces season is spotlighting health and wellness. Enjoy graceful physical movement, such as walking, swimming, or dancing. Eat wholesome ingredients. Don’t discount the importance of nourishing your emotional landscape. Feel it to heal it.



The imaginative mind and artistic spirit is activated in this moment! Create something on a whim. Experiment with your style with deep shades of blue and purple. Nourish your leisure time with soul-fulfilling hobbies and activities. Music can be a source of inspiration.



Your family, foundations, and roots take the spotlight. Spend time with family (or chosen family). Nourish your living space. Host a themed social gathering. Romanticize the home you’ve built for yourself.



Rekindle your creative spark. Art and music are soul-stirring forms of escapism right now. You may also feel stirred to book a road trip, retreat, or weekend getaway. Wear light blues and purples to inspire clarity.




The sun enters mystical Pisces, putting the focus on work and finances. You become more attuned to your financial resources and how they contribute to your overall sense of security. Your romanticized visions of the future take center stage.




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