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It’s Virgo Season! 
Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte shares her astrological outlook and how to tap into the moment for YOUR sun or rising sign. “Virgo is a mutable earth sign named after the Virgo constellation and ruled over by messenger of the gods Mercury (and Greek counterpart Hermes),” she explains. “Virgos are wordsmiths, embodying Mercury’s thoughtful, articulate, and analytical nature. During this detail-oriented Virgo season, you’re motivated to organize your inner and outer worlds and ground yourself through self-improvement practices, such as daily wellness rituals.”
Virgo sun or rising
During Virgo season, you’re vibrant and luminous with personal aspirations. All eyes are on you! This is a phenomenal time to update your appearance, such as getting a haircut, adorning yourself with zodiac-inspired jewelry, or incorporating shades of mossy greens and earthy tones.
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Libra sun or rising
This Virgo season, you’re stirred to retreat into a peaceful sanctuary. Disconnect to reconnect. Privacy allows you to tune back into your inner rhythm and tend to the details of your inner world. Wear something that makes you feel confident and calm. 
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Scorpio sun or rising
This Virgo season, you find your calendar jam-packed with intimate one-on-one catch-ups, group activities, or networking events. Make yourself visible! Nourish existing friendships, forge new bonds, and seek resonant collaborative opportunities. Wear something that feels very “you.”
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Sagittarius sun or rising
Virgo season energizes your work and ambition. As your attention shifts to your career path trajectory, tend to the details of your long-term aspirations. Get organized! Bask in the glow of your career progress so far. You may start a new job or stumble across an exciting opportunity—wear earthy tones to dress the part and boost your confidence.
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Capricorn sun or rising
Virgo season broadens your horizons and heightens your intuition. You’re motivated to research a new subject, delve deeper into reading or writing projects, or take a trip. As you expand your lifestyle, ground yourself by spending time in nature and wearing earthy tones. 
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Aquarius sun or rising
Virgo season sparks a month-long period of healing. Your body stores emotions, much longer than you realize. You find yourself delving deeper into self-reflection to unearth buried emotions. This is a favorable time for therapy, self-help practices, and spiritual modalities. You’re motivated to get to the root of a problem. 
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Pisces sun or rising
Bask in the glow of your intimate relationships during this Virgo season. Now more than ever, your love is expressed through small acts of kindness or service. For you, the fine details carry more impact than grand gestures. As you strengthen your closest connections, focus on quality time and mindfulness. You have nothing to fix. Enjoy the perfectly imperfect experience of being human.
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Aries sun or rising
Virgo season lights your inner fire and boosts an interest in holistic wellness. Approach your personal and work endeavors with a practical, efficient mindset. An attention to detail fuels your productivity, helping you tackle new work or health goals. Channel Virgo’s detail-oriented nature into bold wardrobe pieces.
Taurus sun or rising
Virgo season inspires joyful activities that expand your leisure time and ground you in the moment. You have full permission to play! Tend the details of an artistic project or creative endeavor. As you delight in a pleasure-seeking attitude, get playful with your personal style choices, too. You can’t go wrong with delicate accessories and earthy tones this season.
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Gemini sun or rising
This Virgo season, you naturally tend to the details of your home. Prioritize any to-do list items related to home and family that may have fallen through the cracks recently. As you delight in interior design choices, you’re also called to expand your personal style with earthy shades of brown and mossy greens.
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Cancer sun or rising
Virgo season boosts your self-expression. Your life gets busier, too, with local activities and events. You’re stirred to take a short trip, discover a neighborhood spot, or spend more time with siblings or close friends. No matter where you go, express your authentic self through your personal style choices. Each detail counts.
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Leo sun or rising
Virgo season refreshes your money mindset. You feel ready to explore new income streams, restructure your finances, or pursue freelance opportunities. Splurge on a personal gift that sparks joy, like a zodiac-inspired piece of jewelry.
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