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Tip the Scales

Libra season is almost upon us! We check in with Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte for her monthly horoscopes—keep scrolling to read more about your sun or rising sign. 
When the sun enters Libra, we enter a season of balance and connection. Your social charms and graces activate, as you seek harmony between your inner and outer worlds.”- Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte


Libra season shines a spotlight on your personal growth—you’re luminous! Delight in the five senses to expand your self-expression, and play with mixed metals or new textures.

Scorpio sun or rising

Enjoy this downtime! You’re not ready yet for the spotlight. Invest in pieces that will light you up during the upcoming Scorpio season.


Sagittarius sun or rising

Your outgoing nature is welcomed with open arms. As your social life blossoms, you enjoy dressing up for different group activities, one-on-one plans, and date nights.

Capricorn sun or rising

You might find yourself busier at work, such as transitioning into a new role or releasing your hard work. If you’ve veered into the extremes of either work or play, channel Libra’s harmonious nature to rebalance the scales. 

Aquarius sun or rising

You itch to embark on your next adventure. You’re drawn to travel, culture, philosophy, religion, and faith. Feed your curiosity, too, by learning something new or tapping into an eccentric personal style.

Kaia Cartouche Initial Necklace


Pisces sun or rising

Libra season beams a spotlight on your emotional landscape. Explore your relationship with yourself and others. Swim deep, and wear pieces that reflect your oceanic inner world.

Remy Pearl Choker

Remy Pearl Choker


Aries sun or rising

When the sun enters breezy Libra, your love life blooms. As your dating activity peaks, you might meet a new romantic interest or hit your next relationship milestone. Dress the part! Accessorize with bold statement pieces.


Calliope Necklace


Taurus sun or rising

The sun enters breezy Libra to energize your self-care practices. Because both Taurus and Libra are Venus-ruled, they share a love for the senses—taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing. Splurge on a high-quality item or experience that boosts your wellbeing. 


Ludevine Choker Necklace



Gemini sun or rising

When the sun enters breezy Libra, delight in the five senses to reconnect with your creative and romantic spark. You’re especially pleasure-seeking now. As you enjoy the finer things in life, make self-care a priority and rekindle your flirtatious nature.

Aaliyah Evil Eye Earrings

Aaliyah Evil Eye Earrings



Cancer sun or rising

Curate a peaceful sanctuary during Libra season. Your home life feels overdue for a refresh. Spruce up your living space! Host a soirée, and adorn yourself with ethereal and opalescent pieces. 


Nightscape Abalone Talisman


Leo sun or rising

Libra season expands your creativity and self-expression. Make something you can share with the world  – dress the part with bold, bright, and warm tones. Gold is your color.


Frankie Earrings


Virgo sun or rising

Libra season is fruitful for discovering a new income stream or attracting abundant opportunities. Treat yourself to a luxurious, feel-good piece. You're in the mood to splurge.


Cleo Lapis Charm Necklace




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