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Astrologer and founder of The Cosmic LatteDaniela Karpenos, shares what’s in store for Cancer signs and how to harness the energy of the season.
What are the characteristics of a Cancer sign? 
Cancer is a cardinal water sign named after the Cancer constellation and ruled over by the moon. Cancer reflects softness, sensitivity, and depth. Cancer is intuitive, mystical, and often prone to mood swings. Because Cancer is symbolized by the crab, Cancerians instinctually retreat in their shells, their peaceful sanctuaries, in times of rest.
How can Cancers dress to highlight their unique qualities?
To highlight their unique qualities, Cancerians should adorn themselves in shimmery silver jewelry. Imagine vibrant turquoise waters with small, shimmering silver fish glinting in the sunlight. That's what you're embodying this season: honor the water element.
Family, home, and ancestral roots are immensely important to Cancer. To embody this nostalgia and sentiment, wear meaningful pieces and objects. Create your own custom jewelry look or wear your grandma's old locket. No matter what, make sure to sneak something personal into your everyday looks.
Cancer is ruled over by the moon. Channel la luna into flowy silhouettes, silky silver slips, or moon symbol jewelry.
Are there any colors that Cancer signs can lean into? 
Channel true Cancerian energy with lilacs, baby pinks, sandy taupes, and oceanic blues. Cancer prefers softer color palettes, especially pastels or lighter tones. Cancer is a water sign, so you can't go wrong with shades of blue this season. 
Iridescent or opalescent colors are essential now. Accessorize with pearl-charmed jewelry (like dangly, drip earrings or necklaces). Try the trendy pearly-toned Hailey Bieber nails! Wear glittery eyeshadow. You're channeling the water's reflective surface.
How can we all make the best of Cancer season this summer?
Spend time with loved ones—friends, partners, family members. During Cancer season, hold your inner circle tightly. Host people in your space with soirées and summer garden parties. Cancers sure love a good themed party!
Spend time around or submerged in bodies of water. You have so much to learn from the flowing nature of water. Remember, too, that just as 'fluid' as water is, it can also be hard and prickly (just imagining jumping from a small cliffside rock!). Honor all angles of your emotional nature. Tune into your inner landscape.

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