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We tapped astrologer Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte for her take on the Taurus zodiac sign and season. Keep reading to see what’s in store! 

What makes a Taurus unique?

“Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, fertility, sensuality, and abundance. So, Taureans are known for their expensive taste. It's about quality over quantity. It's not just about how good something looks—it has to feel good too. Taureans would rather splurge on one feel-good, luxurious item than several items that don't spark joy.” 

How can a Taurus dress to draw out their energy?

Channel Taurus this season with earthy tones: sandy beiges, cremes, taupes, and spring or mossy greens. Wear silky material and champagne hues—hey, pop some champagne, too! Taureans dress up, even when running errands or sitting at home. This Taurus season you will find that intention is a form of self-care. Wear your favorite outfit and dress it up with jewelry.”

“Your taste is aspirational this Taurus season. Rather than purchase trendy items (whose use is fleeting and temporary), focus on sourcing timeless, classic jewelry pieces. Channel your inner Venus (or Aphrodite!) with pearls, emeralds, delicate drip or dangling earrings, ornate charm bracelets, and chunky rings. Emeralds, diamonds, and white quartz are also associated with Taurus.”

What can Taurus signs look forward to this month?

“Sun in Taurus babies: Welcome to your season! Most people experience a huge dose of abundance during their season. Make a vision board to magnetize your manifestations.

If you're a Taurus rising, prepare to feel the most ‘you’ that you've felt in a long time. The sun in Taurus radiates your first house of self-image and identity. Feel free to change up your appearance with wardrobe updates or a new hairstyle. All eyes are on you!” 

And on a parting note…

“Enter a Taurus season of self-indulgence. Find small ways to romanticize or elevate a moment.”


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