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#SequinSayings - May Summer Color Your Dreams

  #MondayMantra - Impossible to be sad when you wear the colors and symbols of the season... keep them as Talismans in your heart when Summer seems far away! Featuring our beautifully detailed Large Cowrie and Whelk Shell Talismans on Turquoise and Pink Color Karma beaded necklaces.   Create your own custom Color Karma Talisman Necklace

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Sequin Featured on The View and US Weekly Online

  Sequin Earrings were featured on The View in a Fall trends segment hosted by Jackie Miranne, as well as in a follow-up video segment for Red Carpet Daily posted on US Weekly.    View the article & video on US Weekly   Shop Sequin Earrings  

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#SequinSayings - Stars of the Sea

  #MondayMantra - May the stars of the sea bring you love, strength and renewal! Featuring our Sea Star and Starfish Talismans, so pretty & meaningful.   Create your own sealife-themed talisman necklace...

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#SequinSayings - Choose to Take a Chance and Change!

  #MondayMantra - channel the Dragonfly's spirit animal energy to embrace change and live life to the fullest possibility! Featuring our beautiful Dragonfly Talisman Charm (also available in Gold & Silver) - a powerful meditation totem.   Create Your Own Talisman Necklace

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