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It’s Scorpio season! Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte decodes the energy of the season and how to navigate the next few weeks for each zodiac—hint: be sure to read both your sun and rising signs. 
“When the sun enters Scorpio, we enter a season of intense transformation. Ruled by the water element and associated with Pluto and Mars, Scorpio plunges into the realms of passion, power, and regeneration. During this time, we focus on emotional depth, uncovering hidden truths, and confronting our shadow side. We feel a collective urge to rebrand and reinvent ourselves—chase that desire.” - Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte 


Scorpio season powers your self-expression and confidence. You’re in the mood for a personal rebrand. Update your appearances with a haircut or wardrobe restyling. You feel inspired to take charge of your life and chase your desires.


Your inner world is intensified. You were so on-the-go last month and now you crave ample solitude and downtime to recalibrate. Although you’re flying under the radar now, this is an ideal time for a on-the-low personal rebrand.


Right now, you’re extra communicative in your friendships and collaborative at work. You appreciate a close-knit inner circle more than large group settings. Schedule one-on-one plans with friends and coworkers to deepen your existing bonds. As you juggle social plans, wear something that feels “you” and exudes an aura of authenticity.


Scorpio season activates your intellectual and inquisitive nature. You’re motivated to ask probing questions and get to the heart of a matter. As you delve into self-discovery, you feel a sense of deep connection with finding a sacred life path.


With your philosophical mind activated, you expand through deep heart-to-heart dialogues that nourish your emotional landscape. You’re ready to embark on your next adventure. Broaden your horizons by adopting new style choices, buying more books, or even planning travel.


When the sun enters brooding Scorpio, your emotional world intensifies. You naturally ask probing questions that incite intimate conversations. Swim deep. Rather than float on the surface, recognize that vulnerability is an ocean. Wear pieces that reflect your oceanic inner world.


When the sun enters brooding Scorpio, your love life intensifies. As your dating activity reaches new heights, you may meet a romantic prospect or hit your next relationship milestone. You’re not looking for anything lukewarm—you crave obsession. Wear something dark, enigmatic, and bold to fit the part.


Scorpio season intensifies your daily responsibilities. To undergo the total transformation you seek, you must first nourish your emotional landscape and find work that deeply resonates. Rebrand your everyday life. Embrace deep shades of turquoise and indigo.


You take your passions seriously, plunging into a creative or romantic pursuit. Dress the part! Wear shimmery or opalescent tones and deep shades of blues.


Scorpio season intensifies your home and family life. You find yourself tackling DIY home projects, hosting intimate gatherings, or juggling family plans. As you play the host, dress the part with bright jewel toned statement pieces.


When the sun enters brooding Scorpio, you articulate your ideas with depth and intensity. This is the perfect time to grab your journal and jot your thoughts down. Your inner monologue is brewing. 
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When the sun enters Scorpio, you enter a fruitful season for discovering an income stream, taking inventory of your spending habits, or investing in something you’ve needed for a while. Splurge on a classic, timeless piece that enhances your personal style!
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