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Fa-la-la-la-la, ‘tis the season! Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte breaks down the energetic forecast and mood for the holidays by zodiac sign—don’t forget to check both your sun and rising signs.


“We embark on the holiday season with the sun traveling through adventurous Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 20). The cosmos beckons you to embrace spontaneity and expand your horizons. It's a time for optimism, exploration, and new experiences. As we transition from Sagittarius season to Capricorn season (December 21—January 19), our moods shift to pragmatic and sensible. We instinctively refocus on long-term objectives (hint hint: Jupiter ends its retrograde journey on New Year’s Eve, just in time for resolution-making).” 



Another trip around the sun, Sagittarius! Your season is a cosmic adventure. Embrace your adventurous spirit, explore new horizons, and celebrate the joy of being yourself. Your boldness sets the stage for a year of growth and exciting experiences. Trust your instincts and let the world be your playground. After your solar return, Capricorn season urges you to focus on ambitions. Embrace a sense of structure in your pursuit of long-term visions. Strategic planning and disciplined action are key for channeling your larger-than-life spirit.



While the sun travels through Sagittarius, embrace a sense of adventure in the pursuit of long-term goals. Strategic planning and disciplined action propel you forward. This is a time to set foundations for future success, while balancing an adventurous spirit and zest for life. As Capricorn season unfolds, celebrate your solar return. Take pride in your accomplishments and celebrate the person you've become. This is your time to shine and lead the way toward your aspirations. Set clear goals and lay the groundwork for future success. 


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Sagittarius season ignites your intellectual curiosity, Aquarius. Embrace diverse perspectives and engage in stimulating conversations. Your innovative ideas thrive, and networking opens unexpected doors. This is a time to share your vision with the world. Let your unique voice be heard, and watch as your ideas take flight. Capricorn season inspires you to release anything that stands in the way of your future success. Meditate on your long-term goals, and compare them against the voice in your head that insists you won’t reach them.


Tap into your intuitive and dreamy nature, Pisces. If your work life feels stale during Sagittarius season, seek inspiration from the mystical realms. Connect with your inner self through meditation or creative pursuits. This season encourages you to explore the depths of your imagination and rediscover the magic of a sacred calling. During Capricorn season, embrace structure and discipline. Dream big, while balancing a practical mindset. Trust your instincts and let your dreams guide you toward meaningful growth.


During Sagittarius season, your adventurous spirit is ignited. You seek self-expansion and growth. Embrace the call of the wild and seek out new experiences. Whether it's a spontaneous trip or diving into a fresh project, let your enthusiasm guide you. Your boldness knows no bounds now, and the universe rewards your courage with exciting opportunities. Just be sure to balance your impulsiveness with a dash of practicality — so you don’t veer off course before Capricorn season.



Sagittarius season invites you to delve deeper into self-reflection. To discover the true motives of your behaviors, you must disentangle yourself from other people’s expectations. Embrace the unfamiliar and let your senses savor the richness of diverse experiences. Your practical nature is complemented by a touch of wanderlust now. Your growth is intertwined with the joy of discovering new facets of the world around you. When the sun enters Capricorn, you naturally reground and integrate new ideas and revelations about yourself.



Communication takes center stage this Sagittarius season. Your curious mind is fueled by a desire for knowledge and connection. Engage in meaningful conversations, share your thoughts, and be open to learning from others. Your social charm is at its peak, and networking brings unexpected rewards. Your wit and wisdom become powerful tools for growth. Capricorn season encourages you to structure your dynamic mind: organize your thoughts, set clear intentions, and express yourself with purpose. Streamline your ideas and prioritize tasks to make the most of this disciplined energy.


Sagittarius season encourages you to break free from your shell, Cancer. Step into the light of exploration and self-discovery. Whether it's a creative pursuit or a personal adventure, let your emotions guide you. Your emotional depth becomes a wellspring of inspiration. Capricorn season then emphasizes emotional stability. Focus on nurturing your home and relationships with a long-term perspective. Strengthen family bonds, create a sense of security, and build solid foundations. Your nurturing instincts, combined with a practical approach, lead to a harmonious domestic life. 




Sagittarius season amplifies your natural charisma, Leo. Your radiant energy draws others in, and social connections flourish. Embrace the spotlight! Your creative endeavors receive cosmic applause, so let your inner fire shine. Engage in activities that bring you joy, leading the way to exhilarating adventures and heartfelt connections. During Capricorn season, your ambitious nature and confidence aligns with the disciplined energy of the cosmos. Set your sights on long-term professional goals. This season is a stepping stone toward the recognition and success you seek.



During Sagittarius season, your analytical mind is sparked with a sense of curiosity, Virgo. Dive into the details of your interests, explore new subjects, and expand your knowledge. Your attention to detail becomes a guiding light on a path of continuous learning and personal growth. Capricorn season deepens your quest for self-improvement. You’re ready to take your creativity more seriously, expanding your leisure time with hobbies and passion projects. Small, consistent efforts yield significant results.



Sagittarius season invites you to explore the balance in your relationships. Seek harmony and understanding in your connections with others. Embrace new social opportunities and let your charm shine. This is a time for expanding your social circle and enjoying the diverse perspectives that come with it. Capricorn season invites you to structure your home life. Strengthen family bonds, create a sense of security, and build solid foundations. Your peace-keeping instincts, combined with a practical approach, lead to a harmonious domestic life. 



Sagittarius season urges you to delve into the depths of your desires. Embrace transformation and allow your passions to guide you. Dive into the mysteries of your inner world, and embrace the power of renewal. Your intuition is a potent guide, leading you toward profound insights and a greater understanding of your own strength and resilience. During Capricorn season, Scorpio, your intensity blends with disciplined energy. Channel your passion into creative projects and pursuits. Set goals for self-expression and bring structure to your artistic endeavors.


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