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The Color Karma Collection features semi-precious colored stones that represent qualities and moods that we all experience or strive for. Whether you want to ward off bad vibes, or just show the world what emotion is guiding your day, you can stack, layer, and combine to create the perfect expression of YOU in that moment. Then change it up again tomorrow... Versatile and vibrant, these bracelets are an effortless wardrobe staple - collect them all! Our newest collection of Color Karma (as seen in the January 2016 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine!) features an even broader palette of color options, so we thought you'd like to know more about what each hue represents.
Color Karma Bracelets - Red Meaning
Red is a powerful color inciting courage, confidence and leadership. It is often used to express love and strength.
Color Karma Bracelets - Pink Meaning
Pink is an affectionate color, encouraging a playful nature and warmth towards others.
Color Karma Bracelets - Light Pink
Light Pink is a color of harmony and emotional balance. Symbolizing universal love at its highest level, this color is creativity inspired by beauty.
Color Karma Bracelets - Coral Meaning
Coral is a color that denotes success and good luck. It is a symbol of longevity, self-confidence and optimism.
Color Karma Bracelets - Green Meaning
A natural peacemaker, Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love ourselves and others unconditionally.
Color Karma Bracelets - Mint Meaning
Mint calms the spirit, offering protection and healing. It encourages vitality and helps to clear the mind of negativity.
Color Karma Bracelets - Turquoise Meaning
Turquoise is a color that opens communication between the heart and the spoken word. Symbolizing happiness, it's a friendly hue that is all about enjoying life, creating emotional balance and stability.
Color Karma Bracelets - Light Blue Meaning
Light blue evokes feelings of peace and calm, allowing you to think clearly and thoughtfully.
Color Karma Bracelets - Blue Meaning
Blue is a color of trust, honesty and loyalty. Symbolizing reliability and confidence, it enhances self-expression and the ability to communicate.
Color Karma Bracelets - Purple Meaning
Symbolizing introspection, imagination and dreams, purple expands the unconscious, inspiring you to see beyond this world.
Color Karma Bracelets - Lavender Meaning
Lavender is a soothing color inspiring creativity, individuality and original thought.
Color Karma Bracelets - White Meaning
White symbolizes protection, offering a sense of peace and calm. It encourages a tranquil state of mind, full of comfort and hope.
Color Karma Bracelets - Grey Meaning
Grey is a color that balances the heart and emotions. It brings a sense of stability and encourages a state of peace and enlightenment.
Color Karma Bracelets - Black Meaning
Black is a color of the hidden and unknown, creating an air of mystery. Symbolizing power and strength, this color implies independence and authority, and absorbs negative energy, providing protection from harm.
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