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We feel like every day is #NationalCatDay here at Sequin! We love our kitties and are dedicated to supporting charities like Southampton Animal Shelter and Palm Beach Island Cats that help find forever homes for loving felines. 
In our NYC showroom, we have adopted shelter cats who live and work with us every day! Our employees are also animal lovers and believe that rescue cats are some of the best companions you can find. Here are some of our favorite kitties that provide cute overload and snuggles, making everyone's day brighter and more loving!

Fritz is always sneaking into the showroom, and incredibly patient about trying on jewelry, like this amazing limited edition statement necklace.



Tax was found wandering around near our warehouse in NJ - we immediately fell in love and took him in



Snowie belongs to our Creative Director and is very possessive about Mom working during cuddle time!


Winona is a rescue from our owners' hometown in Wisconsin (hence her name!) 


Ramona is an adorable ginger who lives in Minneapolis, we put the word out on social media to help find her a forever home!


Miss Kitty is part of our PR and Communications Team - she's a lap cat who likes to participate in design & marketing projects in the studio!


Gordo is a gigantic orange tabby with a heart that matches his size - he'd do anything for a chin massage!


Leopoldo was adopted from Bide-A-Wee, another fantastic shelter. He's incredibly regal, loves having his photo taken and eats his meals with his paws!


Varo is a beautiful rescue named after painter Remedios Varo known for magical realism and an affinity for felines




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