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Color Karma Bracelet


Color has the power to heal and change your mood. Our Color Karma stretch bracelets feature hand-strung, semi-precious beads perfect for your layers—look beyond their beauty to uncover the spiritual meaning.

Amazonite -  Strengthens communication and allows you to release any anxieties holding you back.

Amethyst - Protects your energy and attracts spiritual awareness.

Carnelian - Encourages creativity and boosts confidence.

Cherry Quartz - Restores energy and brings emotional harmony.

Pearl - Reflects the beauty of the wearer. A symbol of wisdom, integrity, and strength, gleaming pearls lend a regal touch to any aesthetic.

Sodalite - An intuitive stone that invites truth, insight, and clarity.

Tiger's Eye - Inspires courage while offering protection.

Turquoise - A healing stone believed to bring inner calm and help with self-discovery.

  • Bracelet measures 7" in circumference. Beads measure 6mm x 4mm.
  • Materials: Genuine semi-precious Amazonite, Genuine semi-precious Amethyst, Genuine semi-precious Carnelian, Genuine semi-precious Cherry Quartz, Genuine semi-precious Pearl, Genuine semi-precious Sodalite, Genuine semi-precious Tiger's Eye, Genuine semi-precious Turquoise, 22K gold-dipped brass charm & crystal details.
  • Designed & handcrafted in the USA with components from around the world.
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